Comprehensive Neurological Care

Embark on a journey to optimal neurological health with our Comprehensive Neurological Care. From advanced neuro modulation to specialized rehabilitation, our expert team is dedicated to your well-being. Experience tailored solutions for a brighter neurological future.

Why BNC?

Your choice of healthcare provider is vital for your well-being. BNC acknowledges the significance of well-informed health decisions. Here's what distinguishes our platform:



Trustworthy network: Extensive, reliable providers ensuring top-notch care for your neuro health. Rely on excellence.



Convenience at its best: Easy access to superior neuro care. Your well-being made simple and easily



Discover top-tier neuro care: Find the best in your preferred location. Elevate your well-being

Innovative Technologies for Advanced Neuro Rehab

Your recovery journey made smoother with cutting-edge medical devices

Treatment Flow For International Patients


Review of Your Medical History

Our team of highly proficient medical specialists thoroughly examines your medical background to offer guidance on optimal treatment options and meticulously plan your treatment pathway.

Pre-Arrival Consultation

Navigating travel with a medical condition can be complex. Prior to your journey, BNC will assist you in arranging a telemedicine (video) consultation with a doctor to comprehensively evaluate your medical status and conduct a detailed assessment of your current health.

Comprehensive Care Beyond Travel Arrangements

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond your hospital visit. Upon confirming your travel dates, the BNC Team will coordinate all your appointments, local transportation, and hotel reservations. If necessary tests are required, they will also be scheduled. Allow us to manage your travel logistics, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery and overall wellness. We eagerly look forward to providing support to you.

Seamless Health Journey

Our international patient services partners will be by your side throughout your hospital experience, guiding you through the admission process, medical consultations, treatment, recovery, and discharge. Following a successful treatment, the doctor will provide advice on post-treatment care and, if required, ongoing support for future sessions.

Post-Hospitalization Assistance

We assist you with any post-hospitalization inquiries, organize the collection of all your medical reports, and guide you through the discharge process.

BNC Continues the Journey With You

Once you join the BNC family, our commitment persists. After your treatment, our team assesses the need for any post-operative therapy, records your medication details, and offers gentle follow-up care.

Know more about
Our Healthcare Planner

Personal Health Planner at BNC is a support staff who listens to your concerns and connects you with a Neuro Care provider. They prioritize your needs and create a trusting relationship between you and the provider.

Three fundamental values we can assure you:

1. Personalized Healthcare.
2. Most advanced robotic therapies
3. Transparent pricing

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