Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism?

By exploring medical tourism as an option for neurology treatments, patients can embark on a journey toward better health and an improved quality of life.

With careful consideration, research, and planning, patients can make informed decisions that maximize the benefits of seeking specialized care domestically or abroad.

By taking charge of their health and embracing the transformative experience of medical tourism, patients can access high-quality care at an affordable cost and open the door to a brighter future.

Key Benefits

1. Cost savings: Medical tourism destinations provide price advantages, making healthcare more affordable for patients.

2. Skilled practitioners: These locations boast highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals.

3. Reduced wait times: Patients benefit from shorter waiting periods, allowing them to receive specialized therapies more promptly.

4. Time efficiency: Medical tourism helps save precious time for individuals seeking specialized treatments.

Medical Visa

What is Medical Visa?

A medical visa allows a person to enter a foreign country for medical treatment. Patients travel abroad for unavailable treatments or to consult specialists.

Such visas are generally issued for short-term stays. Some countries also provide medical visas to companions.

Some countries issue multipurpose visas that cover medical reasons as well as tourism.

Required documents for Medical Visa


1. Your passport

2. Papers for travel health insurance

3. A doctor's certificate from your home country that specifies your medical condition and the need for specific treatment.

4. Confirmation from the hospital that you'll be staying at, regarding accommodation and medical certification. They will also confirm that the prescribed treatment is available at the health center.

5. Proof of your residential status at home.

6. Proof of your financial status.

Criteria for choosing the best neuro centers

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